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Saturday September 5: We are picked out and closed AND closed for the season. We hope that you all picked all of the berries that you wanted and that the coming season brings you health, acceptance and peace. Thank you so much for picking here this year and abiding by the COVID rules. We feel very lucky that we were able to stay open!! MASKS REQUIRED FOR ALL THE ENTIRE TIME!!! If you have a baby that can be in a snuggly on your chest that is fine but they must stay in the snuggly while in the blueberries. All other humans must wear a mask so if they cant please leave them home and come and pick for them. You can use your boxes that you got here or buy boxes from us but cannot use any other containers for us to weigh your berries. We encourage you to bring your own buckets and belts for picking into and then transferring into boxes. Its a lot easier to pick when both hands are free! Thank you all for your incredible support! We are happy that so many people are enjoying the farm and the berries!!!Please read the RULES :COVID-19 Rules for TFF PYO Masks required as soon as you get out of your car,while waiting in line ,walking on paths or in a tent. Maintain 6 ft. distance in the field if possible and be thoughtful of other people, don't pick on a bush where someone else is picking. Purchase of a new box($1.50/large $1/small)Or you can use one that you got here in the past. We cannot weigh your berries in any other containers. Remember: Always check back here before you get in your car. We repost when we start to get picked out!!! NO DOGS on the premises including in your car. You will be asked to leave so please don't bother trying. It will save you and the management. Cash.credit(Square charge of 2.4%) or check. Please bring JOY. We are expecting a lot of people so that means a lot of JOY! Be kind.



Thompson-Finch Farm is a family-run fruit farm that specializes in growing certified organic strawberries, blueberries and apples. The farm is known region wide for high quality fruit and our season long "Pick-Your-Own" operation. { read more }


2nd week of June
2nd week of July


July through August Pick Your Own Blueberries


Before coming to the farm, always check our update notice

or call 518-329-7578 for the latest picking conditions.


Courtesy Request:

"Please leave your lovely dogs at home!"


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