Daily Update:

May 26. We are starting to see little green berries! They are soaking up the rain and the suns rays and all the great nutrients that we feed them with through the soil and their leaves! Opening around June 10th. Don't forget you can also go to our Facebook page(link at the bottom of this page) which we update with photos from the farm. See you soon.The Crew.



Thompson-Finch Farm is a family-run fruit farm that specializes in growing certified organic strawberries, blueberries and apples. The farm is known region wide for high quality fruit and our season long "Pick-Your-Own" operation. { read more }


2nd week of June
2nd week of July


July through August Pick Your Own Blueberries


Before coming to the farm, always check our update notice

or call 518-329-7578 for the latest picking conditions.


Courtesy Request:

"Please leave your lovely dogs at home!"


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